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Help institutions find their voice and their audience, through data and magic.

Blackboard Marketing acts like a full-service ad agency, only better. That’s because we know education. We know technology. We know students and institutions. We also know marketing, from research and media to targeted, 360° campaigns.

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Areas we're hiring

Web Content & Social Media

This is the team that leverages all the emerging and existing social media tools; we were behind the successful #PayMyTuition challenge and continue to have fun evangelizing Blackboard and our mission to the InterWebs.


Public Relations

Our PR team brings the company branding and message to the world; conveying who we are and what we're doing to our customers and users.


Product & Field Marketing

Our Product and Field Marketing teams are responsible for successfully creating, implementing, and optimizing the go-to-market marketing strategy and plan for all existing and new products, both individually and as part of integrated platforms.


Corporate Marketing

Our corporate marketing team has a laser focus on visually, digitally, and creatively delivering our corporate message and mission to our customer and user base. We are the strategic marketing centerpiece in our global organization.


Instructional Design

The Instructional Designers work with our customers' highly skilled teams, including the academic units' subject matter experts to develop and maintain quality online and hybrid courses through the implementation of sound instructional strategies. Instructional Designers are also responsible for ongoing support and training for faculty.


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